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“…Afro-Cuban forms such as “son cubano” danzón” and “guaguancó” are worked into this sublime music as if they were written by a native of the region. And while, on the surface, that may seem possible today with all of the sophisticated teaching that goes on in modern academies around the world, in truth, the “feel” comes only to those who don’t simply inhabit the art, but embrace it as one does a member of the family; not simply a loved one, but one who is “especially” loved”. This is what Ann Reynolds brings to her music….” Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Net. Full review at LatinJazzNet.com


“But the album really wouldn’t be an offering if Reynolds didn’t imbue it with a sense of her own spirit, which shines brightly on several tracks that treat Cuba more as a point of departure than a destination. -JJ, Earshot Magazine”

“Her playing is informed by an ability to turn the most complex phrases into beautiful and simple acts of music. In fact at some point in her playing the piano even stops being a piano and becomes an instrument of brilliant counterpoint.” -Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Net

“This is a work of musical art and should be in everyone's music playing device. I give it my own 100%, all the tracks are great!” - Leon Reyes, KVMR, Sacramento

“her tone is always light yet spirited, evocative of sunny days and festive ways but never simplistic or cliché.” - Mark S. Tucker, FAME